Reflections On Our First Year

Wow - Feline Café is turning 1!

The month of May marks one full year since we opened our doors. What an amazing year it has been. We wanted to take this time to reflect on the past year and the incredible journey this has been.

Starting a new (small or not) business is tough. For us in particular, it was extra difficult to get started with permits and renovations. Any innovative idea is faced with resistance - and getting that final green light after long negotiations feels like such a huge conquest. We had a goal - to create this space for cats who need homes and for the people who love them. 

We cannot be more grateful to our friends who helped bring this project together. The Kickstarter campaign that launched it all was graciously filmed and edited by Courtney from Loyobo Fit and its launch party that was hosted by Joulian from saaboon Soap Shop. We found success in the Kickstarter campaign and the proof that Ottawa was the right place to open up shop. 

Alex from Alex Harden Realty helped us find our dreamy space and then it was onto the design! Heather from Re4m Ottawa was the brains behind our space, from concept to design to fabrication. We had help renovating from the Task Angels team and from numerous friends and family members.

Our team of staff and volunteers have put in so many hours and care into our mission. They too are a huge part of our success. With their help, we are able to provide care and shelter to rescue cats that are up for adoption. 

The community came together to support our cause and we had so much help from various local business owners. We were gifted a stunning handcrafted cat tree from Beauxcraft and other cat furnishings from Just Fur Dreams Pet Beds, Black Diamond Cat Trees, Frisky Misky's Feline Euphorium, and so many more. We've received donations from lots of customers too and we are forever grateful!

Working with woman-owned businesses and organizations is a huge part of our story and we are lucky to have partnered with Furry Tales Cat RescueStrawberry Blonde Bakery, Little Jo Berry's, True Loaf Bread Co, Speedpro Ottawa, My Cat Is People, Melanie Shields Photography, Shamelss Envy, and so many more.

Through it all - from the very everything, my partner Matt has been incredibly supportive and loving. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The first year mark is a huge milestone - thank you all for supporting us and the cats. Cheers to many more years and adoptions!

Check out our Anniversary Blog Post to find out what's happening to celebrate.

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