5 Common Myths About Adopting

Maybe you've heard these myths before. Are they true? How do we compare rescue cats to cats from a breeder or even cats being given away? Read more to find out.

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  1. Adoption Fees are too Expensive. Many believe that adoption fees are too expensive – especially when we’ve all known or heard of someone giving away kittens for free! While a free kitten sounds great in theory, most people don’t think about all the costs that follow. When rescuing a cat, adoption fees include spaying/neutering surgery, any necessary vaccines, a heartworm test, flea/tick treatment, and a microchip. You actually save a lot of money and ensure that your cat is healthy as can be! Not only that, but you get to save a life and allow the rescue to make room for another cat. Our partner rescue, Furry Tales Cat Rescue has very reasonable adoption fees and you can find them here.
  2. Health Concerns. Many people believe that rescue cats have all kinds of health problems and that is the reason that they are up for adoption. The reality is that cats from a breeder are just as likely to have health issues as any other cat. Cats are living beings and just like us, they can develop diseases, catch colds, or can be healthy for their entire lives. When adopting, you can be sure that shelters work endlessly to get each and every cat proper veterinary care. Often the adoption fees will include the spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines and more. Rest easy knowing that these are already taken care of and it has saved you both time and money.
  3. Personality/Behavioural Concerns. Another misconception about rescue cats is that they have personality/behavioural issues. While each cat does have their own unique quirks, it is unlikely that you will wind up with a misbehaved kitty. A good rescue will strive to make sure your cat adoption goes smoothly and that you and the cat are a good match. This is, after all, their main objective, and since they spend a whole lot of time with their cats, they take pride in matching you up with the right kitty companion. Properly introducing a new cat to your household is most important. See our blog post about introductions for more information.
  4. Rescue Cats are too Old. If you’ve been to our cafe before, you probably don’t believe this myth! Unfortunately many people think that all rescue cats are old. With kitten season starting up and many adult cats not being spayed/neutered, there’s almost never shortage of young kittens being brought into shelters on a regular basis. 
  5. Black Cats are Bad Luck. Due to silly superstitions, some people believe black cats are unlucky. Some prefer to take home cats with more interesting colors and markings such as tabby or ginger cats. For whatever reason, black cats in shelters all over the world are often overlooked and can take much longer to find a loving home. So, if you plan on adopting a new cat or kitten, don’t forget that black cats make just as loving companions as all other cats!

Thinking about adopting? You can find more information about the cats we have here at Feline Café.

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