Jax Adoption Update

Our first ever adoption was a cat called Jax. He was brought in to Feline Café with a handful of other cats during our opening week and was the most laid back of them all. Jax charmed the customers and the media with his cool attitude, which landed him on the cover of Metro newspaper! 

Photo credit: Dylan Robertson

With no surprise, he was adopted quickly by a lovely couple who had previously adopted a sibling of Jax. Here's what they had to say about him:


''Jax’s rescuer said he was the most gentle soul right from the beginning and he has continued to be. He is so considerate that he never wakes us up in the middle of the night. He only comes upstairs to jump in bed in the morning once he has heard us and knows we are awake. He is obsessed with food, and can open cupboards and closets to get to his favorite treats. He doesn’t like to run in front of us. Every night once we go upstairs to bed you can hear him running laps around the main floor. He is a great traveller, and goes to the cottage most weekends in the summer. Loves being brushed and even having baths! Very aggressive head butter.''

- Alexis


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