Katherine's Staff Picks

Meet Katherine, a new staff member here at Feline Café! After living in Thailand for a while, she is back in Ottawa and settling in. She is a passionate animal lover and writer. 

We asked her to pick 3 things that she loves to recommend to customers and these are her picks:

Caramel Almond Mocha

  • I love this drink because it tastes like a chocolate bar and is extremely satisfying for my sweet tooth. If you're feeling low energy this is a perfect way to liven you up for the rest of the day!

Jackfruit Taco Rice Bowl

  • This bowl is jam packed with different flavors that will satisfy all your taste buds. It has the perfect combination of creamy cashew brie, salsa, tortillas, avocado, corn, beans and a the super delicious jackfruit mix. The hefty bowl will fill you up if you're hungry.

My Cat Is People Buttons (see them here)

  • These buttons are perfect for jazzing your bag up. Not only are they adorable but extremely witty and will bring a smile to your face. We carry a wide variety suitable for any cat lover however my personal favorite is the rainbow kitty preaching love for all

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