Maverick Adoption Update

Our sweet Maverick. He arrived to Feline Café in the spring of 2018. At first a little shy, he would hide in the tunnel for a big part of the day. He slowly started feeling more social and then became the welcoming committee in the cat lounge. He loved to interact with both people and with the other cats. He was quite playful and loved to jump for toys.

He was finally adopted in late August 2018 and here is an update from the happy family;

''Hi, We just wanted to send you an update on Maverick. He is doing really well and adjusting to his new home. He loves to look out the windows and keep an eye on what is going on outside. He also gets along great with his older brother Chester. I have attached some pics of him and one of Maverick and Chester playing together.

Maverick is such a sweet boy and we are so lucky to have him.

Jenn and Mike''


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