DIY Cat Grass Kit - paper cup

DIY Cat Grass Kit - paper cup

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Want to grow your own grass for your fur baby? This DIY kit comes with everything you need to make it at home. It includes;

1) A paper cup
2) Potting soil
3) Cat Grass Seeds

4) Printed Instructions

Cats love chewing and eating this grass. It’s packed with nutrients that promote cat health as well as fiber to support digestion. 

1)Fill a container with soil, stopping approximately 2 inches from the top (A Feline Café mug works perfectly)
2) Sprinkle a thin layer of seeds over the soil.
3) Cover the seeds with an additional 1⁄2 inch of soil and moisten the soil enough so that it reaches the seeds but be careful not to over water.
4) Cover the top with plastic wrap (or some sort of covering) in a way that still allows air flow.
5) Place it in a warm spot with plenty of light.
6) If the soil is dry moisten with a spray bottle and once the grass has grown about 1-2 inches moisten the soil daily.
7) The seeds should sprout between 3-7 days. After 10 days (4 inches) it’s time to let your kitty try it out!