Cat Club Membership

Cat Club Membership

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Join the Cat Club!

Take advantage of the Feline Café membership for a reduced admission fee and get exclusive deals. 


You'll receive:

- a personalized membership card that grants you reduced admission fees

- exclusive deals sent to your email

- invitation priority to our events

- a loyalty program for lunch items


This is great for:

- someone who loves coming to the café often for stress-relief

- students who want to save on admission fees

- cat lovers who want to support our work

- friends who want to be invited first to all the fun events


There are 3 levels of membership:

- 3 month membership: $40 ($13.30/month)

- 6 month membership: $60 ($10.00/month)

- 12 month membership: $100 ($8.30/month)


When you purchase online, you may choose to have it shipped to you or pick it up at the café on your next visit!