About the Cats

About the cats

Where do the cats come from? The cats are rescued from unfortunate circumstances, they get veterinary care and then we foster them until adoption. We donate our space and our time to take care of them until they get adopted.

How much is it to adopt? The adoption fees range from $100-300 depending on the cat and includes the spay/neuter, microchip, vaccinations, and more. More details can be found on the profiles posted on the ''Today's Cats'' board in the café.

How many cats do you have today? We typically have anywhere from 6 to 12 cats in our cat lounge every day. Adoptions happen very quickly so the best place to check is the cork board when you enter the café. We update our cat board daily so you can see how many cats we have and their adoption status. 

Interested in helping the cats? See the Support Page.

Number of successful adoptions

Since we opened in May 2017, we have successfully found homes for 500 CATS! Congratulations to all the new families!



Interested in adopting? Here's how:

1. Fall in love. Visit the cats in our cafe or choose from the list. We have posters of all the available cats posted in the entrance of our café.
2. Apply online. Once you have chosen a cat you'd like to adopt, you can apply online through our website (coming soon!)
3. Approval. We will be in contact with you to process the application and confirm that the application has been approved.
4. Payment. The adoption fee is sent directly to our Non-Profit Foundation to cover the cost of their care.
5. Schedule a pickup. Once payment is confirmed, we schedule an appointment with you to pick up your cat.
6. Prepare your home. Have all toys, litter and food supplies ready before you pick up your cat.
7. Pick up your new family member. We will walk you through the adoption contract and paperwork, as well as take a photo with your cat for the website. Please bring a carrier with a blanket or pillow inside to bring your cat home with you.

* adoptions may take up to 14 days to process *