Meet Our Felines!



Some of the felines under our guardianship may not yet be ready to go to their forever homes. This can be for a multitude of reasons such as: vet care not completed, ongoing treatment, too young to be adopted, in need of socializing or behavioral management. If we don't currently have any felines available for adoption we recommend contacting other local rescues who are doing incredible work to save cats. You can find a list of them on our resources page here.
If you are able to donate to help cover the vet costs for these rescue felines you can click the button below:


Felines in the Cat Lounge:

** Reservations are now required to visit the Cat Lounge. Book yours here
** Cat Lounge visit bookings are paused until the end of the provincial Shutdown.

Felines in Foster Care:


If you are able to donate to help cover the vet costs for these rescue felines you can click the button below:





Adoption FAQs:

Where do the cats come from? 

The kitties at the Feline Café are rescued from a variety of circumstances and are needing a safe place to live while we find them their forever homes. While they are under our guardianship we ensure all their medical needs are addressed and that they are all ready to be adopted into their new family. 

Can we apply for a feline before they are available for adoption? 

You can only apply to adopt one of the felines under our guardianship when they are available for adoption. A feline's application form will become available during a specific period of time (typically a week), where anyone interested in adopting them can apply. After this period the applications are closed as we screen applications, check references, have interviews, etc... All applications are considered regardless of the order we receive them in. If you wish to be notified when a feline under our guardianship becomes available you can subscribe to our email list at the top of this page.

If we receive multiple adoption applications for the same feline, what variables do we consider when choosing their forever home?

At Feline Café Foundation, one of our main objectives is to find the purrfect home for the kitties under our guardianship. We determine where the feline will be happiest based upon their personality and how that would match the lifestyle and environment of their potential home. This could include variables such as; are other animals in the home, how busy is the environment, are there children, how often will the cat be alone, etc... 

How much is it to adopt?

The minimum donation we ask for, to adopt one of the felines under our care, will range from $150-300 depending on the cat. These donations help cover the costs of their care and allows us to save more cats. More details can be found on their individual profiles 

Interested in adopting? Here is the process

1. Fall in love. Visit the cats in our café or choose from the list of available felines.
2. Apply online. Once you have chosen a cat you'd like to adopt, and they are available, you can apply online through our website
3. Approval. Once we've received the application there will be a series of steps to take before it is approved such as: a phone interview, a meeting with the feline etc...
4. Make a donation. The minimum donation asked to adopt one of the felines under our guardianship is sent directly to our Not-for-Profit Foundation to help cover the cost of their care.
5. Schedule a pickup. We schedule an appointment with you to pick up your new family member.
6. Prepare your home. Have all toys, litter box and food supplies ready before you pick up your kitty.
7. Pick up your new family member. We will walk you through the adoption contract and paperwork, as well as take a photo with your cat for the website. Please bring a carrier with a blanket or pillow inside to bring your cat home with you.