Apply to Become a Foster Home

If you want to make a difference and you are able to care for a little furry friend temporarily, you can apply to join our Foster Team!

Before you join our team here is some information to know. Felines are placed in foster program due to multiple reasons such as: recovering from an illness, too young to be adopted, in need of socialization and behavioral monitoring, or they are pregnant and about to have their own little fur babies.

Feline Café Foundation matches animals with foster volunteers in the best interest of both parties. After you've been approved and have completed the training, a Feline Café Foundation Representative will call or email you to tell you about felines in need of placement. Each feline friend’s respective needs and the anticipated duration of their placement will be communicated to you before welcoming a feline into your home. 

Ready to apply? Fill out the form below or CLICK HERE to open the application in a new window.