What is Feline Idiopathic cystitis (FIC)?
FIC is a defect in the way a cat handles stress. An episode of FIC typically lasts 1-2 weeks. The treatment is to manage the pain and urinary discomfort until the episode passes and have a special diet. The food Leo is currently on helps to manage the flare ups and he is doing really well on it. 
  1. Hills Feline Urinary Care C/D Stress Kibbles (Chicken)
  2. Hills Feline Urinary Care C/D Stress Wet Food (Chicken)
The prevention is to find out what causes your feline to be stressed and try to minimize these stress triggers as much as possible. The most common triggers for FIC might include:
  1. Stress among the humans in the home
  2. Someone moving in or out
  3. New animals coming into the home
  4. Construction in the home or outdoors
  5. Weather change
  6. New furniture
  7. Moving to a new environment
  8. Changing to a new brand of food
  9. Humans changing their schedules
Additional resources on FIC can be found by clicking here.
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