Visitor's Guide:

Step 1: purrchase at the counter

Order and pay for your admission and menu items at the counter. If we are at capacity, you will receive your number in line. 

Step 2: review house rules (see below)

We have house rules in place for a happy experience for both cats and humans.

Step 3: head to the cat lounge

Access is restricted to paid customers 12 years and over only.



Admission to enter the cat lounge:

- $5 entry without purchase


- $3 with any purchase

Per person, per visit. Must be 12 years old and up.


House Rules

- Use hand sanitizer to reduce germs for the cats

- do not pick up the cats or restrict their movement

- do not wake up cats, they need their beauty sleep

- do not feed cats any human food or belongings (they have a thing for headphones and shoelaces!)

- bring dishes back to the café, do not leave anything behind for the cats to snack on

- pet at your own risk, use caution and slow motions

- 40 minute visit in the cat lounge, there may be others waiting to enter

- turn off your flash if you are taking photos 

See Hours and Information page.