Sponsorship & Monthly Donor Programs

Want to help us save cats? Before finding one of our felines their forever homes we ensure all necessary vet work is taken care of. The list of medical care we get done includes: their vaccines (Leukemia, FVRCP, Rabies) & boosters, FIV/FeLV test, Dewormer, Flea treatment, Sterilization Surgery and Microchip. We believe completing all this vet work gives a feline their best chance at a long and healthy life. However the typical vet Costs for an average feline with no other medical issues can be anywhere from $700 to $1500. This doesn't include food, litter or any other resources this feline may need. 
To help with these costs, we are starting our new Sponsorship & Monthly program. If one of these little sweethearts tug at your heart strings, you can make a donation and receive regular updates on their journey to their forever homes.


*See how the Sponsorship and/or Monthly Donor Programs work by scrolling down to the FAQ's below*
Click on the profile of the feline you wish to sponsor to see their page!

How do I become a sponsor?

You can become a sponsor by:

1. Filling out the Sponsorship Form by clicking here (also on each individual sponsorship page).

2. Making a donation! We ask for a minimum donation of $5. Donations can be made via eTransfer to felinecafefoundation@gmail.com or PayPal by clicking here or clicking the donate button at the top of the page. 

Note: If sending an eTransfer, don’t forget to add your email and the name of the feline you wish to sponsor in the memo/message line. 

How do I become a Monthly Donor?

Click here to sign up with PayPal and click the box that says 'Make this a monthly donation.'

What perks can I expect from being a sponsor?

Updates on their journey while under our guardianship. These can include photos, videos, personality updates, etc...

What perks can I expect from being a monthly donor?

Seasonal Newsletters about: what is going on with the kitties under our guardianship, adoption updates, what's happening at Feline Café, seasonal recipes, music we are listening to, etc....

See an example by clicking here.

Have any additional questions? 

Send us an email at felinecafefundraising@gmail.com