Sam's Taco Crumbles
Sam's Taco Crumbles

Sam's Taco Crumbles

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Sam's Taco Crumbles™ are an all natural alternative to meat that are heart-healthy, delicious and easy to use. They make delicous taco salad, nachos, chili, and more! One 269g bag makes almost 700g of Taco Crumbles.

Preparing Sam's Taco Crumbles is easy! Follow these simple steps:

1. Soak Sam's Taco Crumbles. Open bag and add 1 3/4 cups (415 ml) water directly to bag. Optional: add 3 Tablespoons oil

2. Reseal bag and gently turn bag to distribute water evenly. Let soak for 8 minutes turning gently every 1-2 minutes.

3. Pour contents into skillet on med-high heat and brown Sam's Taco Crumbles evenly. Optional: saute' onion or garlic to add extra flavor!

4. Serve or add to your favorite dish!

Ingredients: whole non-GMO soybeans (Soy), grown without chemical pesticides, non-GMO hydrolyzed soy protein (Soy), organic evaporated cane juice, maltodextrin, sea salt, chipotle chili flakes, garlic powder, vinegar powder, spices.